5 October 2015

Short Story number 13

Short Story number 13: Inspired by the song «Races» by Glen Hansard from the solo album Rhythm and Repose

      He slowly opened his eyes. His head was facing the window. As he gradually adjusted his eyes to the luminosity of the room he was able to clearly distinguish the blue skies out there. He turned his head around. He saw himself reflected in the mirror on the wall. He could no longer recognize himself. He saw an old man, whose body had given up, lying in bed. But one thing still remained the same, though. He had the same expression in his eyes, he had seen in old photos of when he was just a child.
He turned his head again to the window. It was the only connection to the world outside, of which, he once was part of. He felt that the end was near. Small fragments of his life began to flash before him like an old black and white movie. Except that, in this movie he was the leading actor. The memories ran gently like a stream in the spring and overflew his heart with joy and tenderness. He lived his life to the fullest, fought every war and ran every race. Never denied to fight for his dreams, although, sometimes he doubted himself and allowed weaknesses paralyze him. He also failed. He contemplated the ruins of his failures, but always found the strength to look ahead to what was yet to come.
That strength he possessed to overcome all the hurdles in live came from the absolute knowledge that the most important things in live are not visible. They can only be felt. And for that reason he always found within his heart the meaning of live.
He closed his eyes, and in the profound silence of his bedroom, he clearly heard the beating of his heart. Yes, it was there, that he stored and concentrated his most precious possession: love. In every inch of the tired and old muscle was imprinted an intricate web of feelings that connected him to those he ever loved and were once part of his life. Because of them he knew that live did not just pass by him. He lived it well.
He knew that even the stars stop shinning and die. But he also knew, that its light would endure forever, as it travels the universe for years to come, leaving behind a trace of immortality.
He felt peace inside him and let himself go. 

By Raquel R.

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