9 August 2013

My perfect summer day

1. Deliberately neglect time and its effects. The alarm clock is no longer the villain of the day as it was coercively downgraded to a merely figurative role. 
2. Waking up with the sun shining through the cracks in the window pane. Allow my eyes to slowly adjust to daylight and then read a book. 
3. Dare to break patterns, dressing codes and just go with the flow. 
4. Create significant memories with what the moment is offering me and share them with my loved ones. 
5. Obey no rules, except the ones destined to satisfy basic human needs or maintain law and order. 
6. Spend most of my time outdoors and experience the joys of a close contact with nature. 
7. At the end of the day, look up at the starry sky, visualize a trail amongst the stars and try to figure out where summer is taking me the next day.  
 I hope you are all enjoying your summer, wherever you are!

Photos:Raquel R.


alexandria said...

Awesome beach shots!

Raquel R. said...

Thank you so much! These were taken in Nazaré, Portugal!

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