28 November 2012

Short Story number 2

Short Story number 2:  Inspired by the song «Song of good hope» by Glen Hansard from the solo album Rhythm and Repose.

The rain was falling heavily and strong gusts of wind murmured loudly on the roof. As he stared at the window he could clearly see the falling raindrops sliding down the window glass. He moved closer and positioned his head closer to the glass. He was able to see that each drop followed its own erratic path through the watery maze. Through twists and turns each drop found its way. Sometimes these watery paths ended up connected, but other times, the paths diverted, following different directions. But one thing was sure. Each raindrop fulfilled the same destination, which, was converging together, to be part of greater whole. «It’s funny how nature replicates life. », he thought.
          He moved his eyes away from the window glass and focused his attention on the empty street below. The desolated street mirrored the state of his own live. He felt like he was now standing in a desert crossroad with no signs to point him the right direction. He, that never refused to courageously face the hardships of life, by hiding behind the golden shield of myths, beliefs or superstitions, was now giving in, to this only human need, of holding on to something that would infuse some hope in his tormented soul. Silent tears streamed down on his face and pressure built up on his chest like he was about to explode. He took a deep breath and quickly pulled himself together. After all, he was always perceived as a pillar of strength to those around him and the fear of letting them down, by showing them his fragility, tore him apart.
          A solitary car passing by on the empty street captured his attention and dragged him back to the present moment. Life was once again putting him to the test, but like many other men and women out there, he must surrender to the evidences that the burden was too great for him to bear. Maybe it was time that he swallowed his pride, reached for help and learned to trust the ones that care about him. He must not be afraid to unveil his fears and bare his soul before them, for he knows that he was not alone in the coming struggle. That thought alone relieved him from the pressure that had been building inside his chest and he recognized that physical reaction, as a sign from the universe showing him, that the path he had chosen was the right one.
            Before he left the room, he looked through the window, one more time, and realized that the rain had stopped and the sun was beginning to shine again. The hesitant sunbeams stroke his face. The warmth he instantly felt on his body soothed his wounded spirit and lit inside him the spark of hope that he badly needed. «If one looked at nature», he thought, « with the eyes of the soul, it will give us the answers we need to go on living. Unfortunately, we are all too busy paying attention to insignificant details, to understand that we are all part of a greater whole, and if we choose to embrace that fact, we will be one step closer to find ourselves and fulfill our own destiny. »
                                                                                                                                                      by Raquel R.

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